We explore interfaith in the Sacramento community. Guests in February will be Rev. Michael Moran, co-founder of Spiritual Life Center; and Jon Fish, former President of the ISB (Interfaith Service Bureau), now the ICGS (Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento). Join us for fun-filled conversations about the evolution of interfaith in the Sacramento region from two long-time interfaith activists.


Rev. Michael Moran was an award-winning broadcaster who in 1984 became a Unity minister.  He, along with his wife Rev. Faith, became led ministries in California, Oregon, Kansas, and Missouri.  They  co-founded Spiritual Life Center in 1998; and in 2007 they were awarded the two highest honors in the Unity church -  the Charles Fillmore award and the Myrtle Fillmore award.  They were the first husband/wife team to be given the awards.   Rev. Michael’s work in the field of interfaith created opportunities for education and sharing between different faith traditions in the region.


Jon Fish is past President of the ICGS (Interfaith Council of Greater

Sacramento), and a long-time interfaith advocate in the region.  His long-time work in interfaith was based on a belief that, “We hold a strong commitment that we are each a child of God living in the same house.  The more we get to know each other and understand that truth, the better our world will be. We don’t all have to agree, but it would be grand if we would all get along.”


Interfaith Explorers, with Rachel and Rev. Dave Lyman, is brought to you by Spiritual Life Center. Spiritual Life Center is an Interfaith, Unity community located in Sacramento, California for spiritual seekers and life explorers. We honor the many paths to God and support people of all faiths in learning and applying positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Follow SLC on Instagram @spiritual.life.center and on Facebook at facebook.com/SpiritualLifeCenter.

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