We expand our exploration of the value of light and the truth that one of our conscious steps of achieving spiritual growth is spiritual light that is already present and active in our lives.  We nurture this light and grow it knowing it is already ever present within us. 

This month Rachel and Dave shine more light on all the spiritual aspects of light moving beyond the festivals into the very basic foundation of light in our rituals and our worship. 

We continue our trip in history. 


Interfaith Explorers, with Rachel and Rev. Dave Lyman, is brought to you by Spiritual Life Center. Spiritual Life Center is an Interfaith, Unity community located in Sacramento, California for spiritual seekers and life explorers. We honor the many paths to God and support people of all faiths in learning and applying positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Follow SLC on Instagram @spiritual.life.center and on Facebook at facebook.com/SpiritualLifeCenter.

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